Energy use can no longer be overlooked

Companies in the commercial and industrial spaces are reevaluating their energy use. Millions of dollars are spent annually at some facilities that can see a 10-40% drop efficiency savings which goes directly to the bottom line. Our engineering team has overseen many of these large scale projects and is a leader in the field of driving energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency addresses the low hanging fruit in a facility. Optimizing a process can increase throughput, lower energy consumption and result in lower electricity bills. We analyze energy savings, utility incentives and economics of a project.

Distributed Energy Resources

The electricity grid is in a state of flux. No longer does energy have to come from a central power plant and sold by your utility. Take control of your energy prices by considering renewables and energy storage.

Energy Project Finance

Most projects that we recommend through energy efficiency, renewables or energy storage have a quick return on investment. However, capital cycles and budgets can delay these attractive projects. We can provide attractive options with detailed plans to help you start saving.

Demand Response

Demand for electricity fluctuates throughout the day and year. There are times where everyone is demanding electricity, like hot summer days. During this time your electricity bill can spike. We can provide incentives to you to reduce your demand.